Brady Wilks: Artist, Writer, Educator...

I began my creative work with photography as a self-educated student using film in southern California starting in 1996. In 2004, I attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, earning a Bachelors degree in order to support my photography and design business in 2008.

Shortly after completing my BA at the Art Institute, I began teaching college level darkroom and digital photography courses in Maryland and finished a Masters of Fine Arts in Photography at the Academy of Art University. Education has always been very important to me and I will continue to learn both as an artist and professor.

I continue to work as an artist with the intent to use elements of composition and a unique visual language consistent throughout my work as a way to connect to the landscape, to heal and to allow others to enjoy the beauty of the work. I am confident that my art is a reflection of that artistic intent as I continue to receive recognition and validity of the series.

I also continue to work as an educator and writer of photography. I have released a book titled Alternative Photographic Processes: Crafting Handmade Images published by Focal Press. It is written for educators, students and seasoned alternative process artists with the idea of providing more alternatives. It is a supplement to so many other great books.

In relationship to my work, all forms of photography are embraced in order to support a particular series. I choose analog and digital processes that best suit the aesthetic that each concept requires. I hope to continue making new bodies of work, following the same principle of selecting a method that best supports and transforms the imagery, and to connect to the work through approach and process.