Wet Plate Collodion Negatives, Ambrotypes and Ferrotypes.

I am currently working on putting the Wet Plate Collodion process into practice through a series of work. The endeavor started when I saw my first modern ambrotype. I knew that this process was a perfect match for the work I am stepping into both visually and through the connectivity of a hand made process.

Instruction started with Mark Osterman in a group workshop at the George Eastman House in Rochester NY. I made great friends there, learned a lot and got the foundation I needed to get started. I extended the stay with a couple days getting instruction from France Scully Osterman to get plenty of practice flowing plates, proper handling, exposure and technique.

Ambrotypes, Ferrotypes and Collodion Negatives are my next focus on my personal art work. I won't be teaching this process but I will report my notes and experiences as a way to share and support the process. In the meantime I would encourage anyone wanting to step into the process to take a workshop from Mark and France if you can. They are experts on the process and were at the forefront of reviving the process in the mid 90's.

www.collodion.org - Mark and France Scully Osterman

Below are examples of my studies and early work with the Ostermans.

Wet Plates Glass Burn


5x7" Ambrotype on Amber Glass
Wet Plate Collodion Workshop Study

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Wet Plates Natural Philosophy

"Natural Philosophy"

5x7" Ferrotype on Coated Aluminum
Wet Plate Collodion Workshop Study

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