Alternative Photographic Processes:
Crafting Handmade Images

The photographer’s hand is seldom seen, especially when measuring it against the endless ocean of images in our current digital era. Many of the photographs being made look alike due to the number of images being created and the camera format, digital latitude, and basic filters commonly used. Artists are looking for alternatives to popular methods to help define their own unique creative voice. Not solely for the sake of being different, but also for the resolve that comes from crafting an image by hand. There are a number of books and teachers covering historical and alternative photographic processes with great resources. However, this book emphasizes specific methods before and after capture. It provides simple instruction and working examples of various alternatives to alternative processes as well as techniques for artists to explore and define their own working methods for creating handmade art.

This book is written to supplement the basics and provide students, artists, and educators with additional alternatives in photographic process art. It even supports artists working in mixed media, printmaking, and other mediums, as many of them are cross-platform. Readers will learn how to accomplish various techniques with sections on troubleshooting process flaws, contemporary artist examples, and additional resources. Each chapter will thoroughly cover variations of each process and how to control process characteristics to accentuate imagemaking. Additionally, each chapter will include examples of artists using the various mediums and explanations as to why they have selected their specific techniques.

ISBN-13: 978-1138808683
ISBN-10: 1138808687

Alternative Photographic Processes: Crafting Handmade Images